Winter break is almost here and you are READY for it, am I right? #teachertired 😴

Around this time of year, our classroom routines can get a little (or a lot) out of sorts.

Maybe behaviors are popping up more than usual, kids are seeming to forget expectations, and you're just hoping that things will settle in after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Well, hope doesn't need to be your only strategy, my friend. Let me help you ensure that your post-winter break classroom is able to run smoothly for the rest of the school year with our FREE upcoming 5 day series!

In 5 Days, you will learn my top, easy to implement tips to reset your classroom after winter break.

Take a look at the breakdown of the week:

❄️Day 1: Reset your arrival
❄️Day 2: Reset your transitions
❄️Day 3: Reset your circle time
❄️Day 4: Reset your procedures
❄️Day 5: Reset your clean up

The best part? You can do this in just about 10 minutes a day, because these tips arrive right to your inbox.

Be sure to use a personal email - a school email may impact delivery.

It's all happening December 12th-16th.

When you return to school in January you will be ready to start strong (bye-bye management struggles) with this simple reset.

You AND your students will benefit from it!

Join us below, then kick up your feet and enjoy your well-deserved winter break!

*Be sure to add these dates to your calendar and check your inbox each day Dec 12th-16th.

When we tell ourselves "we will do it later" we often never do. 🙈 So in order to ensure that this series gives you maximum benefit, the content will only be available for a limited time.

This is my way of helping you stick to your goals so that this reset truly changes your classroom!

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