Your Classroom Transformation is Just Around the Corner!

If you're a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher, odds are that by this time of year you are TIRED and ready for summer, right?

I'm exhausted- I need help! 

Perhaps the chairs in your room have already been stacked, tables cleaned, and you're on your way to road trips and fun in the sun. πŸŒžπŸ–οΈπŸ§ (Or a super long nap and Netflix session, either one.)

You may be ready to shove everything from this year in a closet and run.

The voice in your head may be saying "that's all next year's problem!"

But... then it's just that - a PROBLEM.

And wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind in the summer that there are NO problems waiting for you come August?

The weeks leading up to the first day of school are busy enough with all that they pack in for us teachers, and we know we don't get enough actual time to set up our rooms or prepare for kids (unless we do it on our own time).

It would feel amazing if you were ready for Back to School (even the first week lesson plans!) before summer even started, yes?

What if your classroom were transformed into a place that was truly best for student learning with a developmentally appropriate design?

Imagine if during those busy Back to School weeks, while everyone else is hustling around, you were able to be calm, cool, and collected knowing you're already set for your kids to walk through the door.

You would be one RELIEVED teacher, wouldn't you?

Because then you can focus on the REALLY important first day things, like making sure your 4 or 5 year olds don't get on the wrong bus. 😳 Been there...

I want you to enjoy every minute of your break.  Every LAST minute, right up until the first bell of the new school year. πŸ””

So, pack your bags and let’s hit the road together LIVE for a mini (virtual) road trip to get your transformation started! πŸš—

Let's check out what our students from last year had to say.

πŸ‘‡ Take a look at what’s on the map. πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ‘‡

And that's just the training portion! Check out these awesome bonuses you'll get as wellπŸ₯³

I'm ready - Let's do this! 

You may be thinking...

"I am tired, I can't think about this right now!"

Well, you can spend 2 hours with me now to save countless hours and stress later (and actually turn off the teacher brain this summer) OR...

You can put off thinking about it, and be stuck in the hamster wheel of stress with everyone else come Back to School season.😣

If you're reading this, odds are you're a teacher that's ready to transform their classroom into a space that is playful and developmentally appropriate.

And because you take action and value your time, you're ready to do it now! 😊

I'm Ready to Do This! 

By the end of our training, you will...

πŸ”΄ Know the importance of play and how your classroom can foster playful learning

🟠 Have your classroom setup mapped out strategically for your school year

🟑 Be ready to help your students be independent learners

🟒 Have the first week of school planned and ready to go

πŸ”΅ Feel confident stepping into the first day with your students

Time to recap!

Here's what you get with the Path to Play

  • 2-hour live training on June 1st to learn an entire 5-step system to getting started with a playful classroom before the school year starts ($197 value)
  • Certificate for 2 hours of professional development ($20 value)
  • Printables that guarantee a confident start to the year ($50 value)

The total value of everything you see here is $267

And you get it all for $79!

Are you ready?!

Click below to sign up!


The live event is on June 1st at 9am PST / 12pm EST. πŸ™Œ


Have questions? We got answers!

I'm an All-Access Print and Play Club member, do I need to buy this?

No, you do not. As a benefit of being an All-Access Member, you get to attend this challenge for free! πŸ™Œ

Log in to your member dashboard and click on "Courses" from the quick links on the right side of the screen and look for instructions about registering for Path to Play.

I'm a P.L.A.Y. Course alumni or purchased the challenge in the past, do I already have access to this?

You already have access to the digital version of Path to Play. If you'd like to double check, you can log in to your course portal here.

If you would like to join this 2-hour live training version, check your email for an exclusive discount code.

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What is the format for this training?

This live 2-hour training is delivered online via a webinar. There will be a short 5 minute break partway through.

After you complete your registration at the link above, you will receive information on how to access our course portal, which is where you will find your live link, resources, and more!

Will there be a replay for this event?

You'll get the most out of this training by showing up live so make sure to save the date!

If you absolutely cannot make it live or want to watch it again, there will be a replay available after the live event, yes! It will be uploaded to your portal.