Playful Learning All Year (P.L.A.Y.) is your pathway to increasing the learning, engagement, and independence of your students, particularly in your math and literacy centers.

Together, we will explore a world beyond rotations, charts, lists, and timers, and go on a journey that both you AND your students will love.

In this course, we will dive deep into practical ways that you can create a playful learning environment in your classroom, (even if you aren’t “allowed to play”)!

  • Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the things we will learn about:
  • The foundations of what makes a playful classroom
  • How to set up your classroom environment for success
  • How to set up and create free-flowing math and literacy centers
  • How I manage small groups in my classroom
  • Why free play is so important for your Pre-K and Kindergarten students
  • And More!

Hi there, I'm Alex!

I help busy Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers plan effective and engaging centers, create playful learning environments, and gain confidence in the classroom.

Let's Do This!

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