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Print and Play Club is a one-stop-shop for all of your Pre-k and Kindergarten needs.

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Not only do you get access to hundreds of printables, you get an entire vault of digital games as well!

Filled with a GROWING number of math and literacy games covering a wide variety of skills, this vault is the perfect way to incorporate technology in your classroom in a meaningful way.

Students can play these self-correcting games right IN the vault!

πŸ“šPLUS, there is a growing library of Digital Emergent Readers that can be read to your students!


🧑Get access to an entire DISTANCE LEARNING area!

πŸ’»Assign digital activities to your students in Google Classroomβ„’ or Seesawβ„’ with the click of a button in the Distance Learning section of your member area!

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This brand new section of your member area is filled with videos you can watch WITH your students, or use for your own teaching! Let me help you with circle time and small groups.


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We've got answers to all of your burning questions. πŸ˜‰

🚩Do you offer team or school accounts?

If you would like to sign up as a teaching team or grade band, or for school licensing, please contact us here for your quote.

🚩 How do I access everything?

When you join the club, you will create a secure i.d. and password to access the member area.  You will also receive club updates and special announcements to your inbox, and can join our exclusive Facebook group so that you don't miss a thing!

🚩 I teach Preschool. Will this work for me?

This club is designed with Pre-K and Kindergarten students in mind, and the activities are developed and differentiated for those grade levels. Depending on your students, it definitely could, but if they are young 3’s or early preschool, it may not be the best fit.

🚩 Can I request specific activities?

When you are a club member, you will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where you will have the chance to not only collaborate with other early childhood educators, but to participate in printable polls, ask questions, share ideas, and so much more!  There is also a "submit a request" feature in your member dashboard. 

🚩 What are the terms of use?

When you are a member at any level, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Use:

The Print and Play Club member area and printables may be used for PERSONAL and SINGLE CLASSROOM USE only. 

If you would like to have access for multiple teachers, contact us for special pricing - we can help you out! 

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You May NOT:

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  • If you need to share access with other teachers, please purchase a multiple classroom license by contacting us. 
  • Please do NOT place any content from this site on online sharing sites (exceptions are secure, private sites like Seesaw, Google Classroom, etc where you are sending assignments.)

No materials on this site may be replicated without the consent of the site owner. Any unauthorized reproduction or copyright infringement will be subject to legal action.

These terms of use allow us to provide quality content at an accessible price. We appreciate your adherence.  For questions regarding our terms, please contact us.