Centers are a staple when it comes to early childhood education but, as you know, they can be A LOT of work!

Between prepping all the materials, teaching procedures, trying to rotate the students, clean up time… it’s exhausting! 😵

Not to mention all the management it involves and how discouraging it can be when unexpected behaviors pop up (I’ve been there!)

What if there was a better way?

I'm here to tell you, there is!

Get ready to Supercharge Your Centers!

You don't need to re-invent the wheel to get centers running smoothly. I'm going to walk you through the exact system I use in my classroom: free-flowing centers!

Here are the top 5 benefits I see in classrooms that transition to free-flowing centers:


Save time

If I had to choose just one benefit to highlight with this system, it would be this! Traditional centers require SO much time with planning, cutting/prepping materials, and even managing the process during class. Free-flowing centers will significantly reduce all of this time and allow you to focus more on your students.


Add flexibility to your daily schedule

You're just getting started with center time and as everyone is settling into their center *boom* a fire drill! Maybe there is a school assembly, a field trip, or any number of events that throw off your schedule. With free-flowing centers, you can easily accommodate these schedule disruptions and jump right back into the flow.


Keep kids engaged

Your students are able to work alongside their peers in a collaborative way which allows you to sneak in those super important social skill lessons! They select which activity they want to do and complete it in their own time. Remember you're still the TEACHER so you set the environment on their activities. 😉


Tons of opportunities for differentiation

Not only do free-flowing centers allow you to provide a wide range of skill choices, but they also allow for natural differentiation. No need for homogenous grouping as each student brings something valuable to the table. They learn best from their peers!


Encourage independence in kids

Your students will gain the confidence to make choices and work longer when they feel in control. They take responsibility for their own learning and you get back your planning time! Plus, sub plans become a lot easier to write since the kids will know every step.

Here are a few things you can say good-bye to!

No more pesky timers

That's right! You will be able to get rid of those timers.

Less chaos

You'll be having your students run centers like clockwork; also makes sub plans a breeze!

No more extra activities

No need to prep more activities or hear the words "I'm done!" during center time.

Does this really work? 🤔


This is the exact system I used in my TK and Kindergarten classrooms, and other teachers have successfully implemented this style of centers in their classrooms across the country.

We love hearing from teachers how big of an impact it has on their classroom, their students, and themselves! Here are just a few people that have shared their experience:

So, what's inside the Supercharge Your Centers course?

Inside the mini-course you will find easy to digest content, holding your hand through the following topics:

⭐️What are playful centers?
⭐️Setting up for success
⭐️How to get started
⭐️Rotating centers out
⭐️Free-flowing centers in action
⭐️How many can play?

⭐️Working with standards

The course is a combination of video lessons, printable resources, and guides to assist with setting up centers.

👉We also include a bonus guide with the step-by-step process for changing your centers routine mid yearyou can truly transform your centers anytime, and we make it easy!

Not only could you take this mini course in a weekend (anytime you like) you will get a 2-hour certificate of completion at the end!

Are you ready to Supercharge Your Centers?!

If you're looking forward to...

📌Saving hours of prep time

📌Engaging students in playful learning

📌Minimizing management issues and disruptions

Now is your chance! Click below to sign-up for the Supercharge Your Centers mini-course and let's get started.

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Have questions? Here are answers!

Why should I enroll in this course?

We know play is vital to early childhood development and learning. You may feel like you are spending your days managing your classroom (or maybe it’s managing you😅) instead of fostering an environment of independent, engaged learners. This course will guide you with implementing free-flowing centers, where students are making choices, learning, and having fun at the same time.

Do we get a certificate for clock hours?

Attendees will receive a certificate for 2 professional development hours upon completion of the course materials. Please verify that your state and district will accept this certificate, as not all do and we can't guarantee that your district will.

I have to work within school/district standards, can I still use this system?

Yes! Lesson 7 is dedicated to using free-flowing centers when you need to work inside of standards and curriculums.

It's the middle of the year, can I still change my centers?

Absolutely! Inside the course you will find a bonus guide called “Changing Your Centers System Midyear” that walks you through how to do this.

I am a P.L.A.Y. Course alumni, should I take this course?

No, you don't need to take this course! Check out Module 2 of the P.L.A.Y. course to revisit free-flowing centers. Click HERE to login to your course dashboard.

Hoping to take the P.L.A.Y. Course with us? You can take this mini course now to get started with free-flowing centers, and then apply the cost to your full P.L.A.Y. admission!

I’m a brand new teacher or new to the Pre-K and Kindergarten grade level, will this course be too advanced?

This course is the exact step-by-step framework for how to set up free-flowing centers. It is perfect for new teachers, veteran teachers, and everyone in between!

Can my school pay for my course registration?

Of course! If your admin would like to purchase directly, please have them contact us at

If you would like to request a reimbursement for some, or all, of your costs, we drafted a letter for you to use. Click HERE to download the letter.

Can I submit a Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes! We can now accept purchase orders. Please send the PO via email to From there, we will send an invoice via PayPal to be paid with card or check.