Did you know that many early childhood classrooms spend an average of 90 hours or more per school year at Circle Time?

That means it's not just a luxury to have a great Circle Time - it's a necessity!

Wouldn't you love to...

Make Circle Time the best part of your day?

Spend more time learning and less time managing behaviors?

Calm the chaos and engage students in meaningful, playful learning?

Sounds amazing, yes? Then I’ve got the perfect thing for you!

You're invited to Supercharge Your Circle Time!

The strategies in this mini course are loved by both students and teachers and have been tested in my own classroom.

Plus, when you join me for this training, you will get amazing, FREE bonus tools, resources, and printables to send you on your way to Circle Time magic!

Take a look at what's waiting for you!

A 5 Step system to feeling confident at every Circle Time ($149 value)

  • Broken down into 5 easy to digest lessons, these strategies and resources are quick-to-implement and can make a difference in your Circle Time right away.

  • No need to wait until next school year, take this training today and Supercharge Your Circle Time tomorrow!

Check out the 5 Steps! 👇

This isn't your average Circle Time training.

We are diving into:

  • Rocking effective and playful Circle Time mini-lessons
  • Using pocket chart chants, songs, and games to keep Circle Time interactive and engaging
  • Managing tricky behaviors
  • Knowing when to push through your lesson and when to call it quits
  • Transitioning from Circle Time and extending learning beyond the carpet in this area

And that's just the training portion! Check out these awesome bonuses you'll get as well🥳

Circle Time Boosters!
A pack of
FREE bonus resources to boost Circle Time engagement, guaranteed! ($50 value)

  • Circle Time seating poster
  • Editable schedule cards
  • Attention grabbers video
  • Non-tech brain breaks
  • Name games
  • Pocket Chart Games
  • Chants
  • Question of the Day
  • & More! in this area

Certificate of Completion
2 Hours of professional development! ($20 value)
Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion for 2 hours! *Please check with your district on if they can accept it, as requirements vary by location.

That's $219 worth of trainings and resources for just one payment of $49! 🤩

Sign me up, please! 

Prefer a payment plan? Click here to pay in two installments of just $27!

Have questions? We've got answers!

I’m a brand new teacher or new to the Pre-K and Kindergarten grade level, will this course be too advanced?

This course is the exact step-by-step framework for how to set up and run an effective circle time. It is perfect for new teachers, veteran teachers, and everyone in between!

It's the middle of the year, can I still change my circle time?

Absolutely! Inside the course you will learn, strategies and resources are easy-to-implement and can make a difference in your Circle Time right away.

Can my school pay for my course registration?

Of course! If your admin would like to purchase directly, please have them contact us at hello@thekindergartenconnection.com.

If you would like to request a reimbursement for some, or all, of your costs, we drafted a letter for you to use. Click HERE to download the letter.

Can I submit a Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes! We can now accept purchase orders. Please send the PO via email to hello@thekindergartenconnection.com. From there, we will send an invoice via PayPal to be paid with card or check.